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Company Awards of Ukraine is a leading manufacturer of premium and souvenir products in Ukraine. We design and manufacture all kinds of badges, with the company logo, tailcoats for awards, anniversary, graduation badges.

You can place an order for the development and production of badges according to your unique sketch.
In the manufacture of badges, technologies such as: jewelry casting, stamping and chemical etching are used. Badges are mainly made one-sided, less often two-sided and most often in one piece, but there are also complex ones, in several parts. Tailcoat badges - a small copy of the order, designed to be worn on clothes in everyday life instead of the main award. Badges with a company logo are everyday advertising that demonstrates your occupation and affiliation with a particular organization. Anniversary badges are a good gift so that a significant date is imprinted for a long time. But graduate badges are a mandatory attribute that is awarded to graduates of elite universities after graduation. All products are made with special craftsmanship, have galvanized coating and jewelry enamels, which allows you to keep the original look of the product for many decades. For advice, use our chat.

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