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Company Awards of Ukraine is the leading manufacturer of medals in Ukraine. We develop and produce souvenir, table medals, sports medals, medals on a block for laureates, as well as for military units
You can place an order for the design and manufacture of medals according to your unique sketch.
In the manufacture of medals, technologies such as stamping and chemical etching are most often used. The medals are mainly made double-sided, where the main information is placed on the front side, obverse, additional information is placed on the reverse side (for example, company slogans indicating anniversaries). All products are electroplated and enameled, which allows you to keep the original appearance of the award for many decades. You can order a medal both on a block covered with a ribbon and without it - a souvenir medal in a case or on a stand. Sports medals are completed with a neck ribbon. In the production of our products, we use only high-quality materials from European manufacturers.
The cost of manufacturing medals is calculated individually, having an approved sketch of the award. The minimum number for launching award medals is from 100 units; souvenir medals - from 50 pieces

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